Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Learning Through Teaching

Hola familia!!!

I'm sorry this is coming in so late, today's been a pretty crazy day. We got a call last night at about 11:00 that I had to be at the bus station at 6:00 in the morning to go to Monterrey to do some stuff for my visa. So we had to wake up at 4 this morning to get ready and then travel to the bus station. And then I was there all day in the immigration and mission offices. But it was cool because I got to see the missionaries in the Monterrey Mission who i'm never going to see again! kinda sad:( But then I just got back to my area about 30 minutes ago which is why this is coming in later than normal.  I also don't have a whole lot of time so sorry if I have to cut this short.

But.. i got some good news. The family got baptized yesterday!!!!:)) ahh it was soooo cool. Hermano J, his wife E, and D and A all got baptized. I had the opportunity to baptize E and A. And it is definitely something I will never forget. Practically the whole ward came to the baptism and the service was really really special. I was able to play a song on the piano for the service and the relief society sang a song as well. But the service was incredible and it's amazing to me the changes that they were able to make to come to Christ. From the first time we met them, they kept telling us how they didn't want to change religion or anything, but after that we have gotten so so close with all of them and i'm so grateful that they were able to make the decision to get baptized. Now we are just working on the two twins:)  But in teaching them I felt like they taught me so much more than I taught them. I feel like I learned so much through their example and willingness to strengthen their faith in Christ.That has been the case in almost everyone that we have taught, every person that we are able to find and teach, even just a little bit, I am able to learn something new from every single one of them. It strengthens my testimony every time i'm able to see the impact it has on other people's lives.

Well i'm sorry this letter is so short. And i'm sorry i can't reply to most of the emails this week either because i got a ton but only had time to skim through them. So i'm gonna print some off and hopefully be able to respond better next week!!! But I love you alll! Thanks for all the support! And there was a question about which address to send stuff too. And as of now all i know is that if you want to send me anything (and i know all of you do:)) to send it to the mission office address that i sent you guys last week. Have a great week everyone!!!!
Elder Bird
P.S... send me stuff!!!:)

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