Monday, June 3, 2013

Lots of Surprises

Hola Familia!!!

First off, congratulations Amy and Andy!!!!!!! I have seen the pictures and she is so cute!!! Super happy for you guys! Second off, I can't believe that Taylor is coming home in a few weeks, how crazy is that! But i bet you guys are super super excited to see him:)

Well, So as far as me.. oiy. This week has been crazy. It's felt like a month long. We've had soo omuch to do. And there cambios within cambios so I now have a new companion! Elder Peralta from Peru. He's got 20 months in the mission and is really cool. But the changes were out of nowhere and we didn't know until Tuesday night when the Presidents called. So Elder Islas had to pack all of his stuff that night and then Wednesday morning we left from the Bus station at 7 in the morning to travel to Nueva Rosita, which is about 6 hours away. So we traveled there, and then we got there and got off the bus and almost immediately i had to leave again to return. So Elder Islas and I said goodbye and we were back in the bus back to Saltillo for 6 hours. It was really hard to leave Elder Islas! we had become really good friends, but, the mission is full of goodbyes. So i guess i gotta get used to it. Haha,but i was in the bus ALLLL day and the movie `The Smurfs`literally played 5 times straight. I think i can quote the entire thing now. But this week we've taught sooo many lessons and talked to sooo many people, i'm exhausted. But it's been good. unfortunately G has disappeared and we haven't been able to find him all week, which is a huge bummer :/ But we had a super powerful experience this week on Saturday night. We had a reference from another ward of a guy who lives in our area, but the only time he was available was at 9:00 at night. So we went to his house but he wasn't there, but outside his neighbors house were a bunch of drunk people, and they started talking to us. It was pretty funny, they could barely talk at all. But we talked to them for a little bit and then the other guy got to his house. So we knocked on his door and he answered shirtless and invited us in. So we went in and there was trash everywhere and there was barely any light at all. But we started talking to him and right away we could tell something was wrong. Then about 3 minutes into the conversation he started telling us alllll of his problems, all of his mistakes. He told us he suffers from depression and he often doesn't want to be alive. But we were able to calm him down and have a super super powerful lesson with him and explain to him the importance of the atonement and repentance. And at the end and he started to cry and thanked us for coming and that he knows that we were sent by God because he had plans to kill himself that night. It was such a powerful experience! Probably the most powerful i've had on my mission so far. It definitely has made all the hard times worth it just for this one experience. We are actually going to go visit him again tonight, so hopefully we have some luck. Umm, I've also been pretty sick this week, everything i eat makes my stomach hurt and i've had problems with that all week. So i was telling my ward mission leader about it while we were eating at his house and he told me about this member who could help me. so we went with her the next day and it was kinda weird. Haha, she says she can see all the sickness and problems through the eye, so she took a picture of my eye with this special camera and then started telling me alll these things i had, not just physical, but emotional and mental stuff too. It was like she was looking into my soul! Haha, it was so weird Half the stuff wasn't really true what she said i had but oh well. She gave me some medicine and today i feel a lot better, which is good. 

Well, i don't have too much time but i heard about the news that Kevin took a job at Beverly!!! That's sooooo cool!!!!! He'll be there with Audrey! So that means he'll be living in Plano. wooh!! congrats Kevin! But anyways, i love you guys! and i can't believe you will all be finishing school this week and starting your summer, but good luck on finals and have a great week:)

Elder Bird

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