Wednesday, June 19, 2013

High on Hope, Not Dope :)

Hey guys!!!

So sounds like this week has been super fun for all you guys! Grandpa's definitely the best for taking all the cousins out for the little vacation, sounds like a lot of fun! And i'm glad you guys got your free bowling passes again for the summer, that was always super fun too. Also, I know there's a bajillion birthdays in June so i just want to say one giant happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday this month:) and also happy anniversary to grandma and grandpa!!!!!! And happy father's day Dad! And I can't believe Taylor is coming home this week. I'm excited for him and for all of you guys to see him and to see how much a mission has blessed his life!

Well this week has definitely had it's ups and downs. All of our baptismal dates were either postponed or fell through. Y, who we were planning to baptize this week got back together with her old boyfriend and are living together again and so now she can't get baptized, and the family that we are teaching continues to be super awesome but they have asked for a little more time, which is all good! So we pushed back their date to this Sunday the 23rd, so we'll see what happens there. But they all went to church again yesterday and really enjoyed it once again. They also have received their answer this week that the book of mormon is true, we had some really cool experiences with them in receiving their answers with them. Also this week was the first week in over 3 years for Hermano Jose where he hasn't drunk.. dranken.. dranked (I don't remember how to conjugate drink in the past tense.. haha) ...hasn't consumed alcohol! So we celebrated on Saturday night with a Carne Asada, soooo good. And this weekend (with the assumption that he won't drink again) we are going to celebrate with Discada, which is super super good. We're also hoping it will be a celebration for their baptism which they should be having this weekend!  As of right now for sure D and A (the 2 younger ones) and E, the mom, are for sure to be baptized. And the other 3 still have a little bit of doubt, or fears about getting baptized so we will work with them this week.So we got lots of work to do with them this week. We also will be baptizing Isai this Sunday, who is the son of a less active family in the ward that we found this week. So that's pretty awesome! 

Also now that I know I will be in the Saltillo mission I have the address to the mission offices where everyone can send me lots of letters and packages and stuff. :)

ESQUINA CON TRIGO, Col. Las Praderas,

But we got the news yesterday that President Rodriguez will be here on Sunday to introduce himself to everyone so we're super excited about that! It's sad to leave President Swapp but i'm still excited to meet President Rodriguez. All I know about him so far is that he is from Pachuca, Hidalgo here in Mexico (same place as Elder Islas) and... that's about it! Haha, but it will be great to get to know him.

We are continuing to work hard and find new people to teach, and my testimony and love for the gospel grows with every person we talk to. It's easy a lot of the time to take the gospel for granted as members our whole lives, but I invite you all to take a second just to think about what the gospel has done for you in your life, and where you would be without it, and I think you'll be able to feel a little more appreciative and grateful for the blessings that we have from having the full gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Well I love you all, and i hope you guys have a great week! Say hi to Taylor for me:) 

Elder Bird

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