Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Time

Hola Familia!!

I can't believe everyone is all out of school now! And even less that Kendall is going to be a senior and Caden will be in Middle School! You guys gotta stop growing up without me! Haha, but i hope finals went alright and now you can enjoy a couple months of relaxing!! Also I would like to wish Dad a happy father's day!! I'm pretty sure it was yesterday in the U.S too but i can't remember.. haha. 

Well, this week has been an incredible testimony builder to me. We met one of the most amazing families ever on Tuesday, the G family. They were a reference from an hermano from a different ward but we went to visit them and at first they were really hesitant to let us in and seemed pretty nervous, but once we started teaching them the spirit was sooo strong and their faith has grown exponentially since we met. There are 6 of them, the parents, 3 daughters and a son. And we have met with them everyday since Tuesday, they went to an activity in the church on Friday and then church on Sunday and already they all believe everything and have been so willing to change everything to come closer to Christ. It's been such a testimony builder to me to see what just 5 days with the gospel has done to their life, it really has fixed almost every problem they were having and they tell us all the time how much happier they have been. Honestly I can't imagine meeting a better family to teach. But tonight are cambios, and we don't know if we will be able to be here to baptize them or not... ahh. We're super nervous because we wanna stay to continue teaching them! Our plan right now is to baptize all 6 of them this Sunday, along with another sister we are teaching. So if everything works out like we hope, we will have 7 baptisms this Sunday! It's so cool! We're so excited to continue working with everyone this week (if we don't get changed) and to hopefully baptize them this Sunday. But through these people that we have met it has been able to help my testimony grow so much to see the changes and the happiness it has brought them. So, this week has been super cool to say the least:) 

Today was another fun P-day, because we went to the church to play basketball and soccer and then to Peter Piper Pizza because Elder Angeles is leaving tomorrow! Also, Taylor is coming home in a week!!! I seriously can't believe it, I feel like he just left yesterday! But his example in serving a faithful full 2 year mission has been such an example to me and a motivation to be better, along with all the other RM´s in the family:) 

Well, also as of this very moment i still have no clue what mission i will be in! But tonight we will be getting the calls to let us now. It's pretty nerve wracking and either way it'll be a little bittersweet to either leave my area and everyone here, or all the missionaries in the Mission Monterrey west and President and Sister Swapp. But who knows what will happen! I will probably be able to get on later this week to let you guys know.

Well, this week I have found that there are few things that can bring you greater happiness than service. We have really made an effort this week to look for every opportunity to serve, and we have been so blessed because of it to find people to teach. So I invite you guys to look for ways to serve the people around you, even if it seems like something little, you never know the effect it might have on them. Lose yourself in service!!!:)

I love you guys!!! And i'm excited for the Bakers that they will be able to see Taylor in just a few days! Hope everyone has a great week:)

Elder Bird

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