Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taco Bell

Que onda familia!

This week has been a pretty good one, with it's ups and downs of course though. We  worked really hard and were planning to have 7 investigators and about 9 less active members in church yesterday, and only ONE out of all of them showed up. BUT her name is Juanita and she should be getting baptized next sunday. Woooh! But still we were a little bummed to not have as much success as we were hoping for. 

Ever since i've gotten here to Piedras i've been feeling kinda sick, and this week it got pretty bad so we went with an hermana in our ward who is a nurse and she told me i have bronchitis and so she gave me this NASTY cough medicine, so i've been taking that for a few days but my cough is getting worse, so i'll probably have to go to the doctor to see what's up. But it's not like i feel horrible or anything, i just get coughing attacks and it's just annoying because i'll have to get up and leave lessons to drink water. Any home made remedies i could use? a member here recommended warm lime water with honey, but i'm up for anything! so i could use your ideas! 

So i'm still waiting for the news on the familia Nieto to see if they are going to get sealed in 3 weeks, but as far as i know that is a yes! So we will probably be making another trip to Monterrey in a couple saturdays, i'm stoked! 

A scary moment happened this past week with the family De La Cruz Flores (the 2 kids who we baptized in Saltillo a month ago). On Wednesday night i got a call at 11:00 at night from Elder Lopez telling me that he was in the hospital with the family because Ruben (the 10 year old kid) had fallen and hit his head and was unconscious in the hospital. Apparently he had swelling in his brain and was in and out of consciousness and couldn't remember any of his family. Luckily on Friday he was released from the hospital but is still pretty out of it, so if you guys could keep him and that family in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated. 

Well i love you guys and thanks for all the support, and i hope you have a great week!:)

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

P.S. Guess what!!! A family is bringing us TACO STINKIN BELL for dinner tonight! a ton of people here go across the border to eagle pass, texas to buy things and so we asked them to bring us taco bell. I'm so excited!!! Next week they're bringing us Wendy's. So... life is good:)