Monday, July 1, 2013

Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Hey guys!

Sounds like it's been a super busy week for you guys again, but so cool that all the family could come in town to visit! I'm sure that has been whole lots of fun! I'm a little jealous that you guys will be spending 4th of July up at the lakehouse. I'm pretty sure I won't be celebrating that here, but that's just a guess.. haha. Well today has been another fun P-day. Our zone and the other zone in Saltillo went to play basketball and soccer at the mission offices, and then we went to Peter Piper Pizza again... haha. I always eat way too much their but today has been really fun.

Well this week has definitely been full of surprises. Almost all of them being super cool! In our zone meeting on Tuesday we were asked by the zone leaders to have a special fast this week for the daughter of their bishop, who has a heart problem and is struggling to stay healthy. We all were also asked to think of anybody else that we wanted to fast for and to think of them the day of the fast. So on Wednesday to Thursday we fasted. And oh my goodness.. it was tough. Walking and working all day on no food isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it brought a really strong spirit to us and to the zone and to our areas. And it was a little harder because I got pretty sick earlier in the week, some kind of throat infection. But i took my meds and now i'm all good! Then on Thursday night there was a random power outage in our part of the neighborhood so we had no light or electricity until Friday morning at about 10:30. So we had to do everything in the dark and i can't tell you how many times i ran into things or tripped or banged my head on something. Haha, it was definitely an interesting night.

The coolest part of the week was definitely yesterday. To start off we have found ANOTHER super awesome family that we have been teaching that live on the same street of the family we just baptized. So both of those families all went to church yesterday, along with I and his family, who have been inactive but through I and his decision to get baptized they are starting to come back to church. So it was really cool to have all of them in church yesterday. The GV family were all confirmed yesterday, which was awesome! They are such an incredible family and they are all already so willing to do everything. But so we had those 2 families at church and had to go all over the place to show them where to go and everything, so we were super busy. And also Saturday night the bishop called us at about 11:00 to ask if we could give the 3rd hour class yesterday to the whole ward since it was 5th sunday... haha so we had to prepare that and then gave a capacitaciòn to about 100 members in the 3rd hour. But it went really really well! SO well actually, that after the meetings were over, a couple came up to us with the bishop, and the bishop said to us that they had some news for us. Turns out that the hermano wasn't a member but his wife was, and they just barely moved here from a few hours away and he had been investigating the church for about 1 year and a half but he told us he felt the spirit so strongly during our class that he decided he wanted to get baptized! So cool right?! So we talked to him and made sure he had gotten all the lessons and everything and then the zone leaders came and interviewed him and everything was good! So he got baptized along with Isai yesterday as well. So so cool! So yesterday we baptized I and E, and then the 2 other wards also were baptizing so we joined all of them together for one service. And it was really cool! We also invited the new mission president to come since all of us were going to be baptizing.  He and his wife and his 3 daughters came to the baptism, so we got to meet all of them for the first time! They seem like a really really cool family and he seems really cool too. He's a goofy guy and always seems to be smiling. So i'm excited to see how he can help us as missionaries in the mission. 

Well these last few weeks the Lord has really really blessed our area with people to teach and people to take the step to be baptized. It's been incredible to see the people that the Lord has prepared for us to find. Cambios are next monday and I'm REALLY hoping they let me stay one more Cambio aqui. I've really come to love this area and love this ward and it'd be really sad to leave. But of course whatever the President sends me i'll go.

Also, I got the email that they messed up the address to the mission offices, so this is the REAL address to the mission offices. 

Misión México Saltillo
Eulalio González #1057
Col. Las Praderas
Saltillo, Coahuila 25295

Love you guys!!! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Bird

P.S.  And as far as how to send things to me. i'm not exactly sure what pouch mail is, but if you guys know what it is or how to work it if you could put that information on the blog too so people know. And obviously you can send stuff directly to the offices too. Like my patriarchal blessing, i've been dying to have! And, yeah! I haven't gotten anything handwritten in my whole time in Mexico so i would really love to get some love!:) and if you have doubts about if it will get here or not because of the mail service, just put a bunch of pictures of the virgin mary or of jesus on the package or envelope and they say nobody does anything if it has those. love you guys!!

"I" and his family as well as the new mission president and his wife.

"E.", his wife, and the Bishop

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