Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zone Conference

Well first off i'd like to wish Dad a happy happy birthday!! Sounds like it was a pretty low key day but still good. I celebrated on your behalf here in mexico for you.

Well this week has been pretty good, we have found a couple of new people to teach and have been able to reactivate a lot of inactive families, which has been super great. This week we were working a lot with the family we baptized a few weeks ago so that they would be able to go to the temple on Saturday. He wanted to bring the names of one of his uncles so we were running all over the place all week to try to help it get ready. They went to the temple on Saturday and told us yesterday how much they loved it. The hermano actually started to cry yesterday when telling us about getting baptized for his uncle because of the spirit he felt. It was really, really neat. Yesterday, we were also finally able to visit with the N family after 2 weeks of not seeing them. We had a really powerful lesson about the plan of salvation and they thanked us for the peace we were able to bring them.

We had our zone conference with President Rodriguez on Friday -- which was really great. We had interviews with him later in the day. I really like him a lot and he seems to have a lot of good ideas to help out the mission. 

Well, i hope you guys have a great week. love you all.

Elder Bird

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