Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another Awesome Week

Well guys so guess what... I get to see your beautiful faces and talk to you guys in 2 days!!!! I'm so stinkin excited!! But you guys gotta let me know what hour would be best for you guys. 

Well this week has been pretty awesome! We found an hermana who is the niece of the hermana that i lived with in monclova (small world huh?) and she hasn't been to church in over 20 years and her husband and 2 kids aren't members and they're SUPER cool!!! We've had some really awesome lessons with them this week and the kids are super awesome too. So they should be going to church this Sunday. We also continue working with the family A L, but they've been a little frustrating, the won't really support Lalo in going to the church, so the last 4 weeks he has gone alone with us to the church, but he already wants to get baptized and he told me last week during church that he wanted to be an elder, and he asked me how he could become one. Cool huh? But yeah so we are hoping to have a baptismal service for him in 2 or 3 weeks along with another girl named Brelinda who has 9 years old that hasn't gotten baptized due to family problems, but now she says she is ready so we have been working with her family a lot this past week to try to bring the spirit back to a broken home, and we have had some really cool lessons with them. I feel like some of the coolest lessons i've had in the mission have been with members who haven't gone in a long time and haven't felt the spirit for a long time because the spirit in those lessons is so much stronger and they are able to remember the things they once believed in and the faith they once had. 

We also had the mission leader conference yesterday so i got to see a bunch of friends which is always fun. And 2 of my best friends in the mission are going home in 2 weeks! Which is super weird... one of them is the old materials secretary so now if i forget how to do something i gotta figure it out on my own haha. 

Well sorry this letter is so short but i can tell you guys all about my life on Sunday! But you guys gotta let me know when you can talk! Love you guys and can't wait to talk:)

Sorry this is the only picture i got this week!

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