Friday, May 30, 2014

A Visit From Elder Johnson

Hola mi familia querida!!

I just have to say i'm glad that Grant and Caden are following in my footsteps and being super good at everything!:) That's awesome to hear how good they're getting at basketball and at band and at everything! Also i can't believe the next time i write you guys Grant will no longer be in middle school and Kendall will have finished high school?!?! Aye aye aye, the things that happen when one goes to Mexico...

Haha well this has been an awesome week! Apart from the stomach problems that came up today after the food... it's been a really uplifting week. We had our conference this week with Elder Johnson, who is the Area President here in Mexico for those of you who don't know. He got here on Tuesday night and has been going to all the different areas in the mission. The conference for us here in Saltillo was on Wednesday and it was good! It wasn't anything we hadn't heard before, it was just the way that missionaries and members can work together more efficiently. And his emphasis was that the ONLY duty, or at least the most important one, that we have as members of Christ's true church is to save ALL of God's children. But it was a good conference all in all. Elder Johnson is very very straight forward with us but he's a really good and powerful speaker! It was CRAZY trying to organize everything, because me and Elder Lopez got the biggest load here in the offices in organizing all of the buses, making all the hotel reservations, and making sure all the members knew about it and we had to make invitations and talk to stake presidents and bishops and oh man it was just a lot of work. Kinda stressful but it's okay, because it's almost over. But tomorrow we have another conference with him for all the leaders in the mission. So we'll see how that goes , but we're really excited. Then we have the final conference with him tomorrow night with all the members in the 3 stakes here in saltillo and all the missionaries. I have gotten (and have been asked) to play piano in all of the conferences here in Saltillo, which is cool! 

So as far as the people we have in teaching, last Sunday was kind of a bummer because we had 9 people committed to come to church, and then a lot of crazy things happened in the morning and NONE of them were able to make it. Which was a big bummer! But this week we should have 6 or 7 investigators in the church, so we're really excited! We have a TON of people in teaching right now, it's just been really hard to find time to get with them for all of the things we've had to do for the Elder Johnson visit. But we have 3 really cool families that we have right now that we're really excited about. The De La Cruz family has already been to church twice and we are planning to make a baptismal date with them tomorrow, and then the familia Muñoz Rodriguez is a family we just barely met this week. The mom just barely had operation to remove a 15 cm cancerous tumor, we contacted her daughter in the bus a few weeks ago and she asked us to visit them because they are going through a really tough time but they are really really cool and they said they are coming to church this Sunday as well! So the work is moving along:)

I listened to a talk by Elder Bednar this week a lot of times, and there were some parts in there that really hit me hard. It's called ´´That we might not shrink'', and it talks about facing trials with not only faith in Christ but also having the complete submission to His will. It talks about a young couple, and how the husband gets cancer just a few weeks after their temple sealing, but there's a part when the cancer comes back after already being put into remission once a few years earlier, and he starts to feel alone, frustrated, hopeless, and as if Christ wasn't aware of his problem. And he relates the story of Christ in the bible when he is with his apostles in the boat, and the storm comes and the apostles begin to become scared and worried, and  they go up to the savior and ask him ''... carest thou not that we perish?'' And Christ gets up and calms the water. And in sharing this Bednar talks about the importance of first believing that Christ CAN or is able to ''calm the waters'', or heal us, or fix our problems, and then the 2nd part, which might be even more important, is having the faith necessary to submit yourself completely to HIS will, not our will. And if we can have those 2 thoughts coexist in our lives, we will be able to have more peace in our lives and we will be able to recognize the miracles that Christ provides us in our times of trials. 

Well i love you guys and i hope you have a GREATTTTTTTT last week of school! I miss you tons and pray for you guys every night! 

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

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