Sunday, May 25, 2014

Long Time Since Last Letter

Hey guys!!!!

Well this week has been kind of depressing actually. Haha, on Wednesday morning we went to the airport with President to say good bye to Elder Udall and Elder McCoy (the materials secretary before me). And it just honestly kinda put me in a funk for a few days! It was weird seeing 2 of my bestfriends in the mission get on the plane to go home. But i guess that's the mission life. But it was cool being here to say goodbye to them at the same time. But it was just a really weird feeling. 

We also had a super cool district activity today, we came here to the church in the morning and played basketball and volleyball and then went bowling afterwards. It was so much fun! It's been WAY too long since i've played basketball, but don't worry! I shaked off the rust, so Grant and Caden you gotta get ready for 21 when i get home:) but that was really fun, The president had cancelled all activities for the last 2 transfers because they did house checks and all the houses were super dirty. So it was our punishment and he just barely let us do them again. So thank goodness for that because Pdays are SOOO boring when you can't do activities. It's still prohibited to play soccer which kinda stinks, but we'll see if he changes that rule too. But it has been a good Pday to say the least.

This week has been awesome because the really cool family i've been telling you guys about went to church last week and LOVED it. The hermana is really excited again and is even going to the temple with the ward tomorrow just to sit outside. But it was really cool. The kid, Ruben already wants to get baptized and just loved every second of church. So they are going again this Sunday and if everything goes well in 3 weeks they will get baptized! Lalo, the 13 year old who we were planning on baptizing this Sunday has kinda stopped progressing, which is pretty sad. He's just got a really really stubborn mom who doesn't really let him progress. She never lets him leave the house and she is ALWAYS yelling at him. Which has started to really frustrate us, we just don't really know how to tell it to her. It just seems like no matter how  much we talk about the importance of family and keeping the spirit in the home, it just goes in one ear and out the other. But we have an appointment with them tomorrow so we'll see what happens. We also found another family yesterday. The hermana was a reference from another ward here in the area, and her husband has had health problems for the past 6 months and she is just super super depressed. We taught them the restauraciĆ³n yesterday and they really liked it. They have a 12 year old daughter who's super cool too and also seemed really interested in what we had to say. So they said they would come to church this Sunday as well, so keep your fingers crossed!!

Something that i've been able to feel strong this week is the power that prayer has. We teach the importance of having communication with God all the time to our investigators but i feel like sometimes it's something i forget. This week i have really focused on saying more meaningful prayers and trying to build my relationship with God and i have been able to feel his presence even more strongly. In the district meeting I gave on Tuesday i talked about the importance of prayer, and we watched the segment of God's army where he receives his testimony through prayer, and then i made the invitation to everyone (including myself) to do the same, to look for that conviction that these things are true again and to be able to feel the spirit again confirm that God lives. And most of my district has told me of amazing experiences they have had this week through saying more meaningful and personal prayers. So it's something so simple that i feel like we forget a lot, so focus on your prayers this week!!

Well i love you guys and i know life is crazy right now with school and seminary ending, by the way i CAN NOT believe that Kendall is graduating in 2 weeks!!!! Haha but anywho, love you guys. have a great week!!!:)

Elder Bird 

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