Monday, March 31, 2014

Changes in the Office

Hey guys!!!!

Well, i have little to no time at all to write you guys today. Which i know has been kind of a common theme lately, so sorry about that. just tons and tons of work to do here.

Well since i have last written you guys lots and lots has happened. But i only have time for a quick summary. So president called 2 new assistants here in the offices, and Elder Islas and Elder Udall went to other areas as zone leaders to finish their missions. So i'm not gonna lie i've been missing them a lot haha. But the new assistants are awesome as well. We have a fecha (baptismal date) for Leticia for april, the only thing holding her back is the coffee but she has been letting it go which is awesome. She really has changed so much since i met her! We also have been teaching Jose, who is a mechanic and has already been 3 times to church, his only problem is that he is not married so in order for him to get baptized he has to get married, but we are just barely meeting his girlfriend and 2 kids so hopefully we can get them to go to church as well. The family Aa that we have been teaching has kind of stopped progressing, so we stopped visiting them for a few weeks and yesterday morning we ran into the mom and she told us how much she missed us in their house, because whenever we were there she had always been able to feel a sense of peace and tranquilidad (tranquility)  (idk how to say that in english... haha) 

We've also found a TON of less active members this week and had some SUPER awesome experiences with one family in particular, BUT,  i do not have time to tell you about but i PROMISE to tell you guys all about it in the next letter. I love you guys!! Have a great week!!! :)

Elder Bird

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