Saturday, March 1, 2014


So i know i'm the worst for not writing you guys last week, but i will explain to you guys all of the bajillion and one things that have been going on here in the offices and things we've had to do these past 2 weeks! But first off, CONGRATULATIONS KENDALL ON GETTING INTO BYU!!!!!! I'm stoked to party it up at the Y together!!! And also congratulations to Daniel stinkin Peterson for getting married?!?! That's awesome! When did all of my friends start to grow up and stuff... hijole. But if you guys could get me his email to write him to congratulate him. Also, if you guys could wait just a few more months to go to San Diego, that would be very much appreciated! Haha, but if not... i guess i'll forgive you guys. Just send me pictures of the liger in the zoo and i'll be okay. 

Well, i'll try to remember all that has happened since 2 weeks ago since i wrote you guys... 

Well, i'll start off with the conference of Elder Christensen that we had 2 Saturdays ago. Well in the offices we had to do all of the planning for the conferencia and buy all of the bus tickets and prepare the lunches and talk with the zone leaders and get the church ready and everything! So it was a lot of work just preparing for it. And on top of that somehow finding time to prepare the musical number, that actually turned out really well inspite of being super nervous and with a throat infection! Haha, but so Friday night we didn't get any sleep at all because the whole night we had to be checking with the buses to make sure they were getting to their stops and leaving on time and that all the missionaries made their buses and all that fun stuff. And then me Elder Barrera, and the 2 assistants, had to get to the church at 5:30 in the morning to set everything up and get the sound ready and make sure the buses were getting there on time. So we were EXHAUSTED by the time the conference even started. But the conference itself was awesome!!! Elder Christensen is a big guy! I didn't realize it but he's a giant! Haha, but i'm going to share a few points he made that i really really liked.

- The first thing he talked about is how we are children of God, and that if we are worthy that we truly can be instruments in God's hands, and that God trusts in his children, even with their weaknesses, and that it's only through the atonement and love of God that we will be able to sanctify ourselves and become worthy enough.
-He also talked about how the mission shouldn't be the same thing every day, or the same routine, but that every day should be different, because we should be getting better EVERY day, and that the same thing will apply to after the mission too, that we should always be progressing, not moving backwards.
-Then he made a pretty cool analogy about the different types of missionaries, the first types are what he called the niƱos, those that don't know anything and everything is new, the 2nd type is teenager, those who THINK they know a lot and depend on their own abilities, and the 3rd type are the adults, those who still don't know that much but that they know who to depend on (God) And that we should strive to be the 3rd type of missionary.
-And then probably my most favorite point he made was that a lot, if not all, has to do with our attitude! He told a story when he was a mission president in Mexico City about an area that hadn't baptized for over 3 years, and so finally he decided to make a change and take out the Elders and put in Hermanas, and then within 3 months they had baptized over 20, so when he interviewed them to find out how they were having so much success, the hermana just said ´´President, who would be able to say no to this smile?'' He talked about that we should always portray the happiness that is the gospel and portray the light of Christ, and that this work is a work of love.

Other things that we have been busy with these past weeks are sick missionaries! We've had 2 Elders here with us that were in Monclova because of sickness. One of them had their gall bladder removed so he couldn't walk for about 2 weeks. And then another one has a horrible throat and stomach infection so he has been with us this week as well. So we have been having to take turns staying with them. But now they have recovered enough to be able to go back to their areas. So that's good! Also we've been doing all of the purchases for the materials of the new areas and checking with a bunch of different places to find the cheapest stuff and then today the whole morning we were receiving the stuff in the house, like all of the mattresses, the irons, the microwaves, and tables were turned in to us. Oh also we found a new house!!! Because now the area presidency doesn't want 4 missionaries living in the same house so we had to look for a new house and we found one that is really nice! And wayyyy closer to our area and the offices. Because the house we have right now is a 40 minute walk to the offices, and then another 30 minute walk in the opposite direction to our area. So this house will be better for us, but i'm kinda bummed we won't live with the assistants any more because it's super fun living with them! But, oh well. 

Well if everything works out this week we will have a baptism!!! Her name is Leticia and she is the mom of 2 recent converts. She went to the church again this last week and we have continued to work with her this week. It's also been cool because the Elder that had his gall bladder removed, is the one that started teaching her here about 4 months ago, so he's gone to a few lessons with us and he's helped us a lot with her! So that's been sweet, The other family that we are teaching right now has kind of stopped progressing for now, but we are going to see if they go to the church on Sunday but if not we are probably going to leave them for a while... :/ 

Well, I love you guys! I hope you guys have a great week. And i have a request! Could you guys send me a family picture? I want to put one up here in my desk:) Haha, i love you guys and i'll be back on in a little bit to respond to the other emails!!

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

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