Friday, January 10, 2014

Being What The Lord Wants

Hola familia!!!

Oh man, so i definitely miss all the christmas break stuff we always did together, it sounds like you guys had a ton of fun this week with all the family!! Also i heard mom hurt her knee a little bit ice skating? i hope it's better now though?! kendall just told me she hurt it, so you guys gotta update me on that. And from the sounds of it it seems like you guys had an awesome new years!! i'll tell you how mine went in a little bit:) 

So this time of year has just been surprise after surprise for me in how completely different the culture here is! unfortunately no one invited us over for new years... haha but we had our own little missionary party in our house with most of the district. and it was fun! We made molletes, which is just a torta with beans and cheese and chili in it, they were good and cheap so it's the perfect missionary meal haha. Only i was kind of a retard and cut my hand on the bean can and got blood all over the beans... so we had to go buy a new one. Haha, it reminded me of the time i was at amy and andy's house and i cut myself opening the tuna can, i'm just a little special sometimes:) but anyways it was fun! Our neighbors were having a party so it was SUPER loud all night and people were shooting off fireworks all night, so we kinda didn't get that much sleep. But oh my goodness, there were SOOOOOO many empty beer cans on the ground the next day, we could hardly take 2 steps without stepping on a beer can. But i took some videos of the fireworks and when it was 12:00 so i'll try to upload those if i have time! but so that was a fun night! But then this is the part that i DIDN'T know. So apparently here they have 2 christmas basically! FIrst is the normal christmas and then they celebrate los reyes magos, which is today actually! and it's another day of presents, except they actually get more presents today then they do on christmas. crazy right?! what i understand is it's celebrating the 3 wisemen who came and visited Jesus and brought him gifts, but apparently the also come and visit all the houses here over night (last night) to bring gifts, like santa clause! but it's cool! so all the kids today have been walking around with their presents.

Well apart from all that fun stuff, this week has been a pretty stressful week for us with our investigators. it seems all of the people we have been teaching have just stopped progressing, or don't have time for us (which is understandable because of the holidays) but it has been a little frustrating because we really have been working really really hard but we didn't see many results this week. Which has kind of seemed to be a common struggle in this area, which has been pretty tough. When i left my other area we had around 12 investigators progressing and going to church every week and just super awesome! But getting here we havent had that kind of success, and it's been trying us! We look for new ideas to find people and to help the investigators we have but we've been struggling. But we have really made an effort to turn to the Lord in our struggles to find what He wants for us to do and to help us find the people he has prepared for us. but it has definitely been a trial the past few weeks. But we´re working hard at it, don't worry:)

Well this week is going to be awesome because we have our zone conference on wednesday! And rumor has it that they are going to change the way we work AGAIN. Haha, which will mean just another thing to adjust to. But it's okay! I'm excited for it. i actually saw the new mission goals from the zone leaders and they're a lot higher, which will be good! And we will also go back to contacting a lot more, not as much as before but way more than we do now. So the number of contacts and referrals every week is more than tripled now, which will require a lot of work! But it should also bring more results, the important part is that we just do what the Lord wants us to do right?:)

Well i hope you all have a great week, and isn't it crazy this is my last week being a teenager?!? I'm getting so old guys!! Haha, well anyways i love you all:) cuĂ­dense!!!

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird 

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