Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Ano Nueve

Well guys i must say talking to you all on Christmas was by far the best Christmas  present i could have gotten. i loved the little time i got to see you guys and hear your voices! And i STILL can't believe grant's voice is so low! what the heck?!? and sorry the video quality was so low and you couldn't really see me. i was kinda bummed about that, i got my hairs cut and everything! Haha, but either way it was so awesome to talk to you guys:)  

I must admit, it was a little weird to be away from home for Christmas, but it was still a good Christmas! We went to eat with 2 families that invited us all over, but i was kinda disappointed because i didn't get any Christmas tamales like i was hoping for! We got hamburgers twice instead... haha weird right? But the members treated us super well on christmas so it was a good day:)

Well as is the mission life, the rest of the week was work work work! Which is fine, because it probably helped us from becoming too home sick. Haha, but this week we had a couple really cool experiences with a couple we're teaching. They're an older couple and the husband was recently diagnosed with cancer, i think I've already mentioned them before, but we were able to visit them various times throughout the week with a familiy in my ward. And almost the whole week we were focusing on the restauracion. Because they're christians but don't see the point really in religion. But we had a really really powerful lesson with them and the spirit testified to them the truth of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith, and he told us he believed the entire thing and is excited to read the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, his wife got sick so they weren't able to go to church this week but they already said they would go next week! We also have been teaching Anabel, who is the girlfriend of a SUPER less active member in our ward. But we had never met the member until this week. And it turns out he's just kind of a bum! He sits at home all day and plays PS3 and watches Netflix while Anabel is out working all day. So we've been trying to help Ramiro (the boyfriend) out and motivate him to actually do something with his life. But he is just super lazy and it's kind of frustrating. But we'll keep working with him. Well most of the other investigators that we have had have been out of town but this week they are going to return so we'll be able to see everyone again! so that'll be sweet!

Well yesterday in sacrament meeting our bishop gave a really cool talk about facing the new year. He talked about the story of lot's wife, and how the only commandment she was given when they were told to flee their city was to not look back and to run to the mountain. And he related this to facing the new year. But it really applies to every aspect in our life. Starting the new year i invite you guys to leave all the bad things or mistakes from this last year behind, and to strive to reach a higher place this year. Because we all make mistakes, all the times. But let's learn from these mistakes and use them to make us stronger this time around so we can end up in a higher place next year, because what's important to God isn't the mistakes we've made in the past, but instead what we are doing in this instant to become better, and where we are willing to go to become better. I know for me this past year has had its ups and downs, but i can proudly say i feel like a much better and stronger person now than where i was a year ago, and i know my last year in my mission will make me even better, but it will only come by leaving the mistakes behind and striving to be better!!

I love you guys and i hope you have a great last few days of vacations!! LOVE YOU!!!:))

... and i still can't believe Grant's voice is low.

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird:)

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