Friday, December 27, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Hey guys!!!! So guess what... I get to talk to you in 2 days!!!! I'm SOOO excited!!! We had planned to do it at around 4, 4:30ish, but let me know soon if that isn't going to work for you guys and we can move our plans!!! But yeah i'm super super super excited to talk to you guys:) Also happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! Hope you had a great day and ate lots of cake!!

well this week we have found a ton of new people to teach, because we went to a neighborhood that i think the other missionaries didn't even know existed. Haha, there aren't any members or anything there but now almost all of our investigators live there. Which is cool! But we found Armando, who has about 50 years, he is passing through  a really really hard time. His foot was amputated last week and his diabetes has caused him to go almost completely blind. So we have been visiting him to try and give him some hope, but what has impressed us so much about him is his faith, and even though everything seems to be going wrong he continues to thank God for everything He has given him. We've been able to have some really powerful lessons with him, but because of his foot he still hasn't been able to go to church yet. We also have been teaching Jorge and Esperanza, a couple who are about 80 years old. But it was really cool because we had a really awesome lesson about the restauraciĆ³n, and at first Jorge wanted to argue with everything we said but by the end of the lesson they were both kinda quiet. And when we said the last prayer and got up to leave, they told us that they saw a light in us and said they could feel something different when we were teaching them, and we were like, umm.... it's because this is all true! Haha, but we had some really cool lessons with them this week! The only problem is that they are going out of town until the beginning of January so we won't be able to see them for awhile. Also we got a reference from the 1st counselor in the bishopric of a couple who is pssing through a hard time because the husband was just diagnosed with cancer. So we have been teaching them along ith the first counselor and his wife, and it's been really awesome! Their only thing is that they don't believe that religion is necessary, like they have a TON of faith, but they don't feel like their is jut one true religion. But we are orking on that with them!!! 

Also today is going to be awesome because the Stake president invited all of the missionaries in the stake to a Christmas dinner! So we are going to eat Carne Asada i think he told us and do a bunch of christmas sketches and songs and stuff, so it should be really awesome!!!

Well, there's sooo much more to tell you guys but i ill be able to tell you all about it in 2 days, so i'll save the rest of the good stuff for then.:) And although this time of year has made me miss you guys a ton, and i'm not really looking forward to a christmas away from home, i just want you guys to know how much i love you!!! And even though i miss you guys a ton, i wouldn't trade this time as a missionary for anything. It's the most amazing thing i've ever done and i want you guys to kno that i am happy here:)  And I can't wait to talk to you guys!!! And i hope you guys have a GREATTTT christmas! Remember that it' for our savior Jesus Christ that we celebrate this time of year. I love you guys and can't wait to talk to you:) But please write back ASAP so we can set a time to talk!! 

con mucho amor,
Elder Pajarito 

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