Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Conference - From December 11

Hey guys!!!!! I feel like it's been forever since i talked to you! Well this week has been CRAZYYY. We changed P-day this week because tomorrow is our Christmas Conference in the mission so we've been doing all the preperations for it and getting everything ready, our zone is going to do a sketch thing in the conference and it's going to be awesome!!! I'm going to try to get someone to record it so i can send it to you guys, but yeah i'm excited for the Conference tomorrow. It should be great!! Well that's super crazy all the snow and ice that has fallen! I'm a little jealous you guys went hookeybobbing without me but i loved all the videos you guys sent me! And it must have been really thick the ice if they cancelled church even! Crazy stuff. It's also way awesome of Grandma to come down for the concert! Gotta love that:)

Well apart from all the preparations for the conference, we've been working really really hard in our area to have more people to teach. But like i've said there are almost no members in our area and we had to start from scratch. But we met Anabel, who is the wife of a less active member, and she went to church this sunday and she liked it! So that was way cool. We also found an older couple who is struggling because the seƱor was recently diagnosed with cancer, but because of this he has a strong desire to get closer to God. So we have been starting to work with them as well, but they seem very excited and willing to learn and accept the Gospel. We also have been planning activities in the ward for Christmas and we were put in charge of it again, haha. So this Friday we are going to have a ward Christmas activity but we have to prepare everything so it's going to be kind of tough to get all ready with the conference tomorrow, but we can do it:)

Well we were able to have a really cool experience with a family this week. As district leader i get to go on divisions with all the elders in my district, so on monday i went with Elder Knight to his area and we had a family home evening night with a less active family, and we taught about Joseph Smith and the restoracion. She had a couple of kids that were running around and screaming the whole time so it seemed like the hermana was a little distracted the whole time. But finishing the lesson and bearing our testimonies about the book of mormon, i shared Alma 5:26, that talks about having a change of heart, and we asked her if really she has been able to feel a change of heart in her life having the gospel, and she started to cry and tell us all of the challenges she was passing through, and that in this lesson she was able to remember why she got baptized in the first place and remember that God really does love her and watches out for her. And it was just a really really cool lesson! I feel like i don't share a lot of these experiences with you but i'll try to get better at it! Because really it's these type of experiences that makes the mission the greatest thing ever!! 

So im SUPERRR excited to talk to you guys in 2 weeks!!!! I'm not exactly sure at what time or anything the call will be yet, but i will be letting you guys know soon. I love oyu guys! and i hope you all have a great week!:)

Also i thought you guys might think it would be funny to hear that today i ripped my 3rd pair of pants... and it happened in front of the whole zone. haha, so that was kind of embarassing. I gotta learn how to sow!

con mucho amor,
Elder Pajarito 

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