Monday, January 27, 2014

Recognizing Gods Blessings - January 20, 2014

Hey guys!! I hope you are enjoying your day off!  I'm on a little earlier because we are going to have an activity with the stake president in a little bit. He's going to make the whole zone nachos and we're going to watch a movie with him. He's sooooo cool! He always does really awesome things for us.

Well this week has been pretty interesting to say the least. So on Tuesday night we had scheduled a meeting with our ward mission leader in the church at 7. So on our way we met this kid from Monterrey who apparently is a member of a ward over there, he's 18 and this is the story that he told us. that he had run away from home that morning without telling his parents or anybody, so he took a bus from Monterrey to Saltillo (like 1 hour and a half away) to come climb this giant hill because he said he saw it in a dream he had. and in the dream he climbed up it and his girlfriend (now ex girlfriend as of like 2 weeks ago) was up there waiting for him. so he came here! but he had never been here before, knew no one here, had nowhere to stay, and nothing to do except climb this hill and be alone. so he said he was looking for us all day so we could talk to him, and so we talked to him and calmed him down and bought him something to eat and then gave him a blessing and helped him find The Red Cross shelter so he would have a place to stay. so we dropped him off there at like 9:30ish, but then in the morning his mom called us from Monterrey and said he was already home again sleeping! but she asked us a million questions about how he was or what conditions we found him in and all that stuff. but it was super super weird! And then on Wednesday, Elder Porras got sick and we had to take him to the doctor and it turns out he had a stomach infection so he had to rest all day Wednesday and then part of the day Thursday because he was throwing up a lot. Poor guy, but luckily he got better relatively quick so we could start to work again on Thursday! Ooh also on Tuesday you will never guess what they gave us to eat... grasshoppers! They just fried them up and put salt on them and put them in front of us in a big bowl as if they were chips. I tried it just to say that i ate a grasshopper but it was soooo gross! Haha i had fear that they were going to start hopping around in my mouth, but yeah so i would not recommend it. Also, yesterday at church the bishopric gave us a 10 second notice to give a talk haha, so that was fun. I always love when that happens... 

Well these past 2 changes i feel like I've really learned a lot, and even though we haven't baptized we have really been able to have some awesome experiences. So as i think I've explained before, alllll of our investigators have health problems. 2 of them have cancer, one of them just had his foot amputated, one of them is paralyzed from the waist down, one of them has really bad diabetes and is going blind, so it's been SUPER hard to get them to try to go to church! But as we have taught them and gotten to know them better it has really humbled me so much. And every time i begin to think about a problem i am going through, i realize that there are people who have problems soooo much bigger than i do. And that if i am here in this area right now, it's because God has trusted me to be able to try and help the people here. We've seen so many sad situations recently but we have seen the Lord's hand in our lives and in their lives by giving them more hope. And in spite of their circumstances their faith in the Lord has strengthened mine so much and helped me remember that we shouldn't be defined by our circumstances, but instead thank God for the blessings AND the trials we have and always remember that God has something better waiting for us, even when it's hard.

Well I love you guys a ton and i hope you're enjoying your day off and have a great week!:)

Elder Bird 

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