Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm An Old Fart!

Well guess what guys... i'm 20!!!?!?! How did that happen? I'm not even a teenager anymore! Well thanks so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes! They really meant a lot to me:) And yes today has been pretty great! The bishop took us to a carne asada buffet which was DELICIOUS!!! I'm not really sure how i fit so much food into my stomach, but it was so cool because you just go there and you sit down and as soon as you sit down there is a guy that comes to your table with a giant plate of carne asada and chicken wings and sausages and quesadillas, you don't even have time to think the whole time because they are bringing you so much food. and it's pretty cheap too! like 8 bucks! so if we come back to visit after i am going to take you guys there:)
Well this week has been pretty awesome because on Wednesday we had our zone conference with the president, which i'll tell you guys about more in a second, and then this weekend was also Stake Conference here, and it was broadcast from Salt Lake with Elder Christenson, and Elder Christofferson, whose Spanish by the way is fantastic, he sounds like a native speaker. And the entire conference was focused on the missionary work! And what we can do as members and as missionaries to be able to bring more people unto Christ, and there were some really awesome messages. And the stake center was FILLED! there wasn't even enough room for everyone to fit which was really cool to see. Also this week i went on divisiones with some of the Elders in my district, which i really love doing because it helps me learn from each one of them and to become a better missionary. And also something cool that happened last monday, we left the Ciber and we went to Soriana (like a walmart) to take out the rent money, and when we went outside to wait for a taxi this guy came up to us and asked us if we were mormon missionaries and we told him yes, and then he told us he was going to buy us all an order of tamales (because there are always old ladies outside selling tamales) so we said sure and thanks a lot! and we turned our heads for 2 seconds and when we went to go ask who we was he had already disappeared! Weird right?! i'm thinking it was one of the 3 nefites... haha. Also there has been a pretty deadly virus going around here so on Friday all the missionaries in the zone had to go get our vaccinations. And you know how much i love shots... but oh man it was PRICELESS to see how much the elders hated needles, there are some pretty awesome pictures that i will try to send you guys of us just in complete fear right before getting the shot. Haha, but now we`re all vaccinated so hopefully we won't catch the virus.
Well on Wednesday like i told you guys we had our Zone conference and like i had been told the work is changing a little bit again! Before the goal for contacts every week was only 15, and now it's 50! And the number of references we have to get every week have TRIPLED! So we will be finding more by our own contacts AND with the members so it should be really awesome! It was fun contacting more this week and we met a ton of people, but unfortunately only one was able to go to church this week. But president shared a lot of scriptures with us but there was one that i really loved, that is found in D&C 60:1-2 and it talks about how God has given all of us talents, we just have to open our mouths instead of hiding the talents that he has given us because we're afraid of what people might say to us. And the only way to find out what our talents are that God has given us is by putting ourselves in situations to practice our talent! But i really liked that message. Sometimes our fear of getting rejected or of embarrassing ourselves keeps us from trying something or following an impression from the spirit to talk to someone, but if the spirit gives you the impression it's because God is trusting you with one of His children to share the gospel and the plan that He has for us.

Well, the church is true guys. I realize that more and more every day i serve. I love the work and we are working hard to bring more results, and more than anything being what the Lord wants me to be. I love you guys so much and thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! Love you!!:)

Elder Pajarito 

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