Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm Getting Another Kid

Well I have no time at all because i  just got a call from the assistants that I have a transfer! It's seriously super unexpected, but they called me and said they were very content and impressed with the work we did this change and so they're going to put me to train again but with another kid! And i have to be in the central at 4:30 to go to Saltillo again so i have 4 hours to pack everything and get ready and say all my goodbyes. I'm super excited but it's so crazy at the same time! And i'm SUPER sad to be leaving this area! But i'm excited to see what else the Lord has in store for me. I love you guys and i won't have any time to get on to write you guys later but i miss you all and i'll let you guys know where i end up hopefully later this week! Love you all!!

Elder Bird

Quick follow up . . . 

Awesome letter! I would love to give you a good letter reply but i don´t really have any time. I´m here in the offices and we´re waiting to get our new kids. My new area is in Saltillo again! And i´ll be sharing an area with the zone leaders which will be cool, and... i´m district leader now!!! wooh! I´m pretty nervous because they said i have a big district, but i feel like i´m ready and i´m super excited to be back in Saltillo! So we´ll see how it goes. Love you! Hope you have a great week! Say hi to everyone for me.

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