Monday, November 18, 2013

Back in Saltillo

Hey guys!!!

Well first off... i would like to just say a few words related to the death in the family this week. it's truly a tragedy that she has passed away, she was always so good to me and to the family, and she never let us down. Sure she had a few problems here and there, but don't we all? Although her body will no longer be with us, her spirit will forever remain in our hearts. And i will never forget all of the memories we shared together. I love you Bessie, R.I.P. :(  (For those who may not know, Bessie was our 1998 Nissan Altima that we had to "put to sleep" last week -- she was a good car).

Hahaha, well on a brighter note, CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN AND CORTNEY!!!!!!!! I´m so excited for you guys!! And even more excited because it will be born only a little bit before i´m coming home, but that's so awesome! You guys are going to be awesome parents. Also, way to go Kendall on the ACT!!! That's awesome! Now it´s pretty much a guarantee that we will be partying it up in Provo soon:) 

Wow, i feel like i have so much to tell you guys. I have no idea where to start. Well i'll start off by telling you guys how my last week in Monclova went, well.. it was awesome!!!! We had our 4 baptisms of the Familia L M and it was an incredible service. At the end of it O (the 11 year old) got up in front of everybody to give his testimony and to thank everyone for everything for what they had done for his family and how happy he was to finally be able to say that he is a member of the church, it left everyone in tears. It was super super powerful and really incredible to be able to baptize them the last Sunday i was there. I will send you guys pictures in a little bit, well i am back here in Saltillo again which is awesome! i love being back in saltillo, my area is Corona 2, and our area is basically the whole centro, so it's huge!! And really confusing, but we're getting to know the area a little better. Well on Tuesday in the mission offices we got our kids and had our little training thing again.   My new kid is Elder Porras! He's from Hidalgo. He's super super serious and quiet, which is a little weird for me after being with Elder Jacinto who was always talking and joking around. But he seems cool! And he really has a desire to serve, he just has gotta break out of his shell a little bit, which is what i've been trying to help him to do. But it was really cool also to go to the mission offices because i saw Elder Islas! my dad! i hadn't seen him since we were companions and like i think i told you guys he's the new assistant so it was REALLY great to see him and talk to him again. Well this week has been super crazy because none of us really know how to have 4 Elders in one area, so we've been working on making the division in the area and finding a house for us (because as of right now we are all living in the same house with only 2 mattresses...) and meeting all the members. But we finally were able to find a really really nice house with the Relief Society President  so we will probably be moving everything in there either tonight or tomorrow. Also like i told you guys i am now a District Leader! Which has been really really awesome honestly, I have found myself not only worrying for me and my companion but also the Elders in my district. There's 8 missionaries in our district and we had our first meeting on Wednesday, and it was really cool! Elder Knight (who was in my district the first 4 changes of my mission) is in it with his son, and then the zone leaders, me and my son, and 2 other Elders who you guys wouldn't know even if i told you. haha, but it's cool because Elder Islas had already taught me how to ask for the numbers and everything so I've loved doing that and being able to talk to my district every night and try to help them with their problems. i love what Dad told me in his letter about being a servant, and being primarily their friend and servant and later their leader is what i've been trying to do. And it's been great so far! I'm excited for the opportunity the Lord has given me to be a leader. so i'm going to echarle ganas! Haha, you guys can ask dad what that means.

But I'm loving the mission guys, something awesome happens every single day and i absolutely love it. I also realize that in a month that i will be able to talk to you guys! So get excited!:) i love you guys!!!! And i hope you have a great week! Always remember to put the Lord first in all that you do, and trust that He will never lead you astray. les amo!:)

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

P.S Also, funny side note. Literally no one in the mission calls me Elder Bird, EVERYONE calls me Elder P├íjaro. Haha, even the president! haha, it's funny.  

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