Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm getting a kid

Well first off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GRANTTTTTTTT!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We were going to make you a super sweet video but we kinda ran out of time, but happy birthday dude! 14 years old, that's crazy! But also i have literally like 5 minutes to write because in... 35 minutes i will be going to Saltillo to stay the night because tomorrow i'm getting a kid!! (or for those of you who haven't served a mission, i'm going to train!) So i'm way stoked!! I'm staying in my area with my kid, who i will meet tomorrow, and Elder Lopez is going to the area literally right next to us as District Leader, so that'll be super cool!! I'm way excited to train. But so for now that's what's up, this week was really good, had some great experiences and lessons with the family we are teaching but i don't have any time to tell you guys about it. But all is well and life is great here in Mexico! And be sure to eat some extra cake for me! And i PROMISE to send you guys some pictures next time because i've definitely been slacking on that. But i love you guys a ton and i hope Grant has had a GREATTTTT day today!! (and i guess the rest of you too.. haha) Have a great week!!

con MUCHÍSIMO amor,
Elder Bird 

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