Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Audrey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AUDREYYYYYY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I love you Audrey!! I can't believe you're turning 7 already. I hope you have an awesome day on Friday and I wish i could be there with you guys but we will celebrate here on your behalf:)

Also shoutout to Daniel Peterson for coming home!!! I heard his homecoming was pretty incredible, and i'm sure he was an awesome missionary too. And if he sees this or you see him, tell him to write me:) 

Well unfortunately here in Monclova it's started to be hot again. So no more sweaters:( but this week has been incredible! We found a TONNN of people to teach and there were more people in the church yesterday than all the Sundays i have been here. so the members basically love us for all the work we're doing, which is great! Because now we are getting more members to do visits with us and we are getting a ton of references! And other good news... the L family is finally going to get baptized!!! we're soooo excited that they're finally taking this decision, unfortunately the parents can't get baptized still because they don't want to get married, but all 4 of the kids all committed to baptism last week. So if everything goes as planned we will have 4 baptisms this week. so we're pretty stoked:) They're have been so many little miracles with them that have helped them progress and grow closer to God, because with them it hasn't been easy to get them to make the changes necessary. It's been poco a poco. and it has reminded me that God works through the small and simple things. . And that we have to be attentive to the promptings of the spirit and God's hand in our life to recognize them. But as we learn to recognize more the tender mercies in our lives, we will be able to feel more the love that God has for us. And it's a love that we will never be able to understand, because a lot of the times when we pass through trials or have obstacles in our lives it's we think it is because of a lack of love that God has for us, when really it's the exact opposite. God lets us fall because he knows we have the ability to get back up even stronger, and he lets us mess up because he knows that it's through experience that we will reach our potential. Our ability to improve ourselves only comes through the power of Christ, and our willingness to be humble enough to accept the changes that we need to make. Even though it's not easy, it wasn't meant to be easy! If God had made it easy, we wouldn't learn and grow.

Well guys, i hope you can all have a great week and enjoy Halloween and Audrey's birthday. i love you guys a ton and miss you a ton! 

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

My Mexican bottle of Holister Cologne

Helping Investigators Paint

Beautiful Waterfall in the Area

Hiding from my companion on the roof

This is what we do while waiting at a members house for the food to come
This is what we do while waiting at a members house for the food to come -- Part 2
The New Companion and I Busy Pondering

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