Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Work Continues

Hey guys!!!

Well it sounds like every week you guys are getting busier and busier! But way to go Grant and Caden with those merit badges, and Kendall and Audrey with your dancing skills! Dad sent me the video but it won't let me watch it... so you guys should send it again! And I can't believe Grant turns 14 next week. That's crazy! You guys need to stop growing up so fast and wait for me to get home. Haha, but the hermana that we are teaching invited us to eat dinner with them on her birthday (the 28th) so it's ALMOST like i'll be celebrating his birthday too. So a few of you asked me this week in your letters about what advice i have as far as helping you guys use preach my gospel and how to better prepare the kids for future missions. And i think it's a greatttt idea to start using preach my gospel in family home evenings!! There's a lot of power in there and you guys will be able to find a lot of good ideas in there. There's a section that recently we have been using a lot to teach the members how to share the gospel and it's chapter 9, and there you'll be able to find easy ways to recognize opportunities to share the gospel and whatever fear or impediment you might have comes there too. And specifically the section called "The importance of Members". And as far as advice in helping you guys turn the home into the MTC as you were taught in the fireside, the first thing i would say is set goals!! Lots and lots of goals, as far as scripture study, Preach My Gospel study, giving Family Home Evening lessons, sharing the gospel with friends, inviting people to church. Everything! Goals will help a ton i feel like. And in chapter 8 of PMG there's a part specifically about that that's super helpful. So i hope this helps you guys a little bit!

Well this week was pretty interesting here in my area. There were a couple shootings nearby which was kinda intense, so there were a couple nights were we didn't get much sleep. But nothing has happened to us so that's good. Dad asked me if Monclova is safer than Saltillo and I would have to say that the situation here is worse.There's a lot of neighborhoods where the missionaries can't go in because of all the problems there.  I think it gets more dangerous the more north you go in our mission. And that sentence sounds ugly but idk how to change  it to make it sound better... Haha i was talking to Elder Lopez the other day that i am legitimately forgetting English now. But i'm still not completely fluent in Spanish either, so it's like i can't even communicate anymore... hahaha. It's not that extreme but it's kinda funny.  I think i've already told you guys this but i've started to dream in spanish now! Which is really cool! Weird... but cool. Again we had 7 investigators in church yesterday, the L family and then F. So that was pretty cool! They all have 4 times in church (except E who has 8) so technically they could be baptized next week. But they're still a little stubborn, so we gotta work with them a lot this week to help them with all the little doubts that they have. But I feel like soon they should be prepared and ready to take a baptism. And with F the problem is her mom, who doesn't like that she goes to church at all. So we have to talk with her more in order to get her blessing to baptize F, because F already wants to do it. So we have some pretty great investigators right now!!

Well that's all i got for you guys right now, but i'll try to respond to each of you individually!! Love you guy and i hope you have a great week!!!

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