Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Area!!

Hey guys!!!!

Well you guys were on my mind a lot today since it's your first day of school for everyone!! I hope you guys don't hate your lives too much haha. But I can't wait to hear all about how it went. It's crazy that Caden now has the priesthood and is in middle school and Kendall is starting her senior year! When did everyone start growing up so fast?!

Steel Plant in Manclavo

Well last week it turns out that I got changed and got sent to Monclova! The area is Pioneros and i'm with Elder Lopez, who's from Mexico City. The area here is COMPLETELYYY different from my area in Saltillo. My area has parts where it's just ranches, and it's superrrrrrrrrr hot here. Way hotter than Saltillo, I heard a rumor that Monclova on average is actually the hottest place in Mexico, I don't know how true that is or not but it' definitely super stinkin hot. But I took a few pictures of the area so I'll send those to you guys as well. We live next to this GIANTTT factory, and we're not really sure what it does but it gives off a wholeee lot of pollution. Haha, and it also looks like six flags at night. Haha, umm the zone here is way smaller than the zone I was in in Saltillo, only about 12 missionaries, but they're all cool. And Elder Shaum is here in the zone! SO that's been way cool to reunite with him. 

But this week has been good, a lot of meeting members and then the investigators that they already had in teaching. One family in particular that we are teaching is super cool! It's a family of 6, but as of now only the daughter Emma has gone to church more than once. She went her 5th time yesterday so we are going to work with her this week to see how she feels about baptism! Apparently her only problem is that she doesn't want to do it alone and wants to do it with her family. But they have only gone one time to church, and couldn't go yesterday because they had car problems. but we are going to work with them this week. Well something that we have done a lot of this week is teaching the lessons to members, which is a result of what we were told in our conference with Elder de Hoyos, so we had a family home evening with a member family almost every night this week. And it's brought a ton of good results! So that's been something new for us but so far so good!

Well I'll send you guys some of the pictures I took this week! I hope that all of you guys are doing great and had a great first day of school. Love you guys:)

Elder Bird
New Missionary Transportation

Busy Painting a House

The Apartment

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