Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Great Week

Hey guys!!! Well it sounds like you guys have had another great week! And sounds like Caden is being quite the trooper today, you guys will have to let me know how all of that turns out. Also that's sweet that Kevin and Cortney have officially moved to Plano! Wooh! That's way exciting! Where are they living? All i know is that they'll be in the Allen stake, which means they must be pretty close to our house.

Well, it's been a great and successful week here in the Zaragoza ward. We had 5 baptisms this weekend! 4 on Saturday, and then one yesterday. It was pretty stressful trying to organize it and coordinate all of it, but all worth it. On Saturday we baptized the N family, which was super cool. All 4 of the members of the family got baptized, C, C, I, and K. They're suchhhhhh a cool family. And they live like 15 houses away from the G family (the other family we baptized) so it'll be really convenient when visiting them. haha. But the baptismal service was really great, and the spirit was really strong.They were also all confirmed yesterday, which was super cool. And to celebrate, later tonight they are making us discada, which is seriously one of the most delicious foods that exists. You guys should have Dad look it up and try to make it! So yeah we're pretty excited about that. And then yesterday we baptized I, but we did it in the church in the area called Zarco, which is also in Saltillo but about 20 minutes away, because she got baptized with her cousin also. But Elder Barrera is in that ward, (he was in my district the first 2 changes) so it was really cool to be able to see him again! The baptism went well, except for the water was FREEZING cold, and Iris had a really hard time getting in the water. ha, but everything ended up fine. 

Well apart from all of them we have also continued to work with Á, and we had some SUPER powerful lessons with him along with his girlfriend and her family (who are members) this week and he really is progressing a lot, even though unfortunately i probably won't be here to see him get baptized since cambios are this next tuesday. But it's okay. Also, I would like to ask you guys to keep our ward mission leader in your prayers this week. He had a pretty severe seizure this Wednesday just a few minutes before we were going to go over for our weekly meeting with him. So he is in pretty bad shape right now, his tongue is really badly bitten, and he has a lot of other problems right now due to the seizure. So if you could keep A. V. in your prayers that would be great.

Well that's all i got for you guys this week, i'll send you the pictures in  a second but also let me know what else you want me to write about in my letters so i don't bore you guys! Haha, i feel like my letters are kinda boring so whatever else you want me to write about just let me know and i'd be gladly to share it with you guys:)

I miss you all and love you even more! have a great week!!:)

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird 

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