Thursday, November 13, 2014

Seeing Miracles in the Small Town of Acuna


So I know i've been HORRIBLY slacking at writing you guys the last few weeks, but i've been on a big time crunch and then registering for classes was wayyyyy more stressful and time consuming then i thought it would be. But after much prayer and mexican candy, the task was complete! It really was weird setting everything up for BYU, it kinda makes everything feel more real. But don't worry, i'm not too trunky yet!!  

Well Audrey looked tooo pretty in her baptism pictures! I'm glad everybody was able to come down for it and i'm glad everything was great with that:)

Well this week has been pretty loca. But in a good way! From Tuesday to Friday it was raining pretty hard, so there was a lot of flooding and all of the houses had watter dropping in from the ceilings. So it gave us a lot of opportunities to offer service. But it made riding the bikes a little harder. It's getting kind of frustrating with the bikes because we ALWAYS have problems with them! Whether the tire pops or there is something wrong with the chain, we're thinking about just trying to look for a cheap one here. This guy in a junk yard offered us one for about 350 pesos, or 30 bucks, but it seems kinda sketchy... But nonetheless riding the bike in the giant puddles was tons of fun but we were just soaked for these 3 days straight, luckily we didn't get sick or anything though! There's a little ''river'' here called the rio fifi, and it got flooded pretty hardcore, i wish i could have taken pictures because it looked sweet! 

The work has been awesome in this area! Really this branch has been reaching crazy levels of success, a family of 4 was baptized last week by part of the other missionaries and yesterday in church we had 153 in assistance in sacrament meeting, which is more than double of what it was like 5 months ago. It's really cool to be a part of, we have over 15 investigators progressing right now which is super awesome! We found a GOLDEN family last week, there are 10 in the family but only 8 have been listening to us in all of the lessons, most of them have accepted already the baptism invitation, and they are coming to church with us this sunday! We're SUPER excited about them! We had 7 investigators in church yesterday apart from them as well, Eduardo (the mechanic i mentioned a few weeks ago) has completely dropped smoking and drinking and brought his entire family to church yesterday. We had a really really spiritual lesson with him last week when we commited him to drop drinking and smoking, and he has been progressing a ton. We are still hoping for his baptism the last sunday of the transfer, the 23rd, so we'll hope everything goes well!! Yesterday was also the primary program here, and their cd player broke last minute so they asked me and my companion to help with the piano music. the program itself was really powerful and the spirit was definitely there, and i don't think my piano playing took away TOO much from the spirit... haha but i think we did a pretty good job. One of the songs I was asked to play was 'Baptism', which i have NEVER been able to play before! And i totally got it down with the little time we had to practice before the program, but then as soon as they started singing they sang it like 12 times faster than what i had been practicing, so i was kinda bummed becuase it didn't turn out as good as i had practiced it! Haha, but it was really cool nonethless. The boys in all the primary sang the ''We are as the army of Helaman" song with their dads and i don't know why but everytime i hear that song the spirit touches me really strong, so i had to play it off cool and pretend i wasn't crying and just make it look like i was cutting onions or something... didn't really work too well. But I really love the area here and we are seeing miracles left and right here in the small town of Acuña.

The cool thing about being on the border towns is that there is a ton of people that speak english, and most of them speak it pretty well. But there's this one guy we somehow end up passing 3 or 4 times a week who always yells to us in what he thinks is english, but really it just sounds like he's casting a spell on us. It's just great because he talks to us with so much confidence and then looks at us with a face of ''why aren't you understanding me?'' Haha but i'm sure that's how a lot of people feel here when i talked in spanish. Me and my companion have started this thing of translating english songs straight into spanish when we´re walking in the street. Haha, it sounds lame but it´s hilarious for some of the songs, but yeah needless to say we´ve gotten some pretty funny looks, but it definitely makes things more interesting.

Well the work here is progressing bastante and i'm really excited to give it my all these last month or so. I'm really grateful for this time i have and i hope to make my heavenly father proud.

I love you all and i hope you have a great week!!!:)

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

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