Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey guys!!!

Well, this week i don't have a lot of time to write but we got the transfers and... i'm staying. Haha, which came as no surprise. So here in Acuña is where i will finish my mission. Woohooo! Elder Lopez, who was in the branch, is leaving and Elder Norseth (my future roommate) is coming here to take his spot! So I'm super excited that we will be able to finish our mission together up here. 

Well i really don´t have time to tell you guys about most of what happened this week, but we met a kid this named Marcos this week contacting in the street. He´s 14 but he has already been in jail 2 times and is already super super addicted to a lot of hardcore drugs. As we have talked to him and had some lessons with him it really has just made me one really sad. I thought about Grant and Caden, they´re just about the same age as him but completely different lives. I've kind of felt a stronger determination with him to try to get him to see that the gospel can change his life around, i tell him all the time that he´s way too young to already be into all that stuff and he tells us he wants to change but it´s basically the only way of life he has ever known. Hopefully we will get him into church next sunday but it really has just made me grateful for the gospel. In preach my gospel it describes a lot of the time the purpose of the gospel, apart from making us happier, it tells us it helps us have a successful life. I've just seen the opportunities that being a member of the church gives us and a lot of the time we don´t really take advantage of all of them. 

We keep working with the family Zamaripa that i have been talking about but only 1 of them was able to go to church yesterday, but it's alright. They have accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of December, which would be my last Sunday here in this area, so we are going to work towards that date. 

Well, sorry i´m basically out of time. But i love you guys and have a great week! And have a great Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of honey ham and cream puffed potatoes for me:)

con mucho amor,
Elder Bird

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