Monday, May 27, 2013

Work, Work, Work

Hey guys!!!! So first off... Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!!!!!! Are you surprised that i actually remembered? Because I am too... haha.  But anyways, love you guys. happy 21st anniversary;) and congratulations to the newlyweds!!!! I heard it was a party in Arizona! Wish i coulda been there!

So this week we have been allllll over the place. It's been super busy. On Tuesday we took a kid out from our ward who is preparing for a mission and he was with us all day, which was way cool! We had a lot of cool experiences with him and were able to get him excited to put in his papers to serve a mission. It was also my worst experience with diarrhea on the mission... hahaaa. it was awful. as soon as we got into the house of the investigator it hit me and we had to leave and then run from store to store looking for a bathroom. So Elder Islas and Isaac (the kid in our ward) were laughing at me the entire time, but it was awful!!!!!! (you don't have to put that in the blog if you don't want to. haha, or you can if you want. whatever's fine with me;) Also it rained all night Monday and then all day Tuesday, which was HORRIBLE. I would much rather have it be sunny then rainy and wet. All the streets turned into rivers and we were soaking wet all day, which was super dumb! But then on Wednesday we had our interviews with President Swapp! Which was superrrrrr great. He has such a strong spirit and he was able to give me a lot of great advice to help me become a better missionary. It also might be the only interview I have with him depending on what mission I end up in since the mission is changing this cambio. Then on Wednesday night and Thursday we went on splits with the Elders in Fundadores, so I was with Elder Chable in my area. Which was kinda fun, he has a really unique teaching style so it was cool to learn from him. And we were able to meet Guillermo, who is a 14 year old cousin of some members in the ward of Elder Chable. And he wants to be baptized! So we are working with him and are planning to baptize him this Sunday. Way exciting.Yesterday was missionary Sunday in our ward and so they asked me to play a song for sacrament meeting, so i played I know my Redeemer Lives (the really cool EFY version) and that was way cool! I was pretty nervous I was going to mess up or the pages were going to fall or something, but nope! all good;) Today was way fun too, we went to Peter Piper Pizza for Elder Watt's birthday, all you can eat Pizza! Soo good. ALMOST as good as Cicis:) 

Funny story of the week, we went to the church to practice my song on Saturday night and there were people in there cleaning it. And we have keys to the church so we weren't worried but they left and locked up the church and we didn't finish until about an hour later so we went to leave.. and we were locked in! and our keys wouldn't work! And the doors are different here so if it's locked, then you can't leave or get in. So we were locked in the church! Haha, ahh so we called the other Elders and had to wait almost 2 hours to have them come save us.... embarassing right? 

So guess who comes tomorrow... Jeffrey R. Holland!!! wooh! we're soooooo excited! The whole mission is coming down to Saltillo to see him speak tomorrow, and some missionaries have to leave at midnight or 1 in the morning to make it but luckily we are only 20 minutes away from the church by Taxi. So we're super excited, i'll also get to see the Elders from my MTC district too which will be sweet!!! 

Well, that's all i got for you guys this week! Love you all! hope you have a great week! i'll be sure to take lots of notes tomorrow so i can tell you guys all about Elder Holland. Love you:)

Elder Bird

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