Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Excited for Mother's Day

Hola familia!!!!

First off I want to say how excited I am to talk to you guys this week!!! I can not wait! I just got the newsletter from the mission offices and they said we can either talk the 10th (which is Mother's day in Mexico) or the 12th, which is Mothers day there. So i'm not exactly sure what Elder Islas wants to do but I'm guessing that the 12th, or Sunday, would be best for all of us, but let me know which day and at what time will work best for you guys to have everyone there and i will be able to check my email again in a couple days just to verify when will work best, and we are going  to do it through skype because that is way better than just over the phone so let me know in an email as soon as possible! and we have permission to check the email once again before then just to make sure everything is set and we know what time we can do it and all that stuff. so, yep! i'm way excited:)

Hmm, so this week has been another crazy one. So much has happened, so i will try to remember everything, but if not   I can just tell you when we talk this week right? :) So first off, just like you guys, the weather has been crazy here. We seriously had to switch from sweaters to short sleeves almost everyday. Elder Islas is a little sick because of all the changes in temperature. but as far as i know, from now on it's just going to be super hot all the time. yayyyy... haha, well  this week was the beginning of the new cambio, and i'm still with Elder Islas, so that didn't change, but he got called as District Leader! wooh! it's way cool, he's been doing a great job. And i've actually had the chance to do a lot of the work, like 3 or 4 nights of the week i will be the one calling all the elders in the district and the zone leaders to pass all the numbers for the day, which is cool! it gives me chances to see what the leaders have to do. So that's been pretty cool. Elder Hernandez finished his mission this week and Elder Vargas left so we have 2 new elders in the district, Elder Angeles, who finishes his mission after this cambio, and the Elder he is training, another Elder Vargas. And they actually moved in with us because their house was in horrible condition so now we have 4 elders in our house, which is kinda cool.

So this weekend the Stake had a mission conference. So we were there almost all Friday and Saturday. But it was wayyyy cool! All the prospective missionaries in the Stake came, along with any other member that wanted to come. And each one of the Elders in the stake (10 of us) had the chance to train them in a part of PMG, which was pretty cool. Friday night we had an old mission president come and speak with everyone, and there were some videos and a few other speakers and then all the Elders sang a song, and they asked me to play the piano. Right before we sang... haha. It was to the tune of 'If you could Hie to kolob´ which i have never played, but it went pretty well! And now the members in the ward are asking me to play during sacrament meeting, so who knows! Then Saturday we each trained all the members there and then we each went out with a group of prospective Elders to contact in the street for about 30 minutes, at first everyone was really hesitant to talk to people but at the end my group didn't want to stop talking to people! It was kinda weird to think that that was me a few months ago. But it was really cool to get people excited to serve a mission and it made me realize how great serving a mission really is. Then on Saturday night we had to do Divisions because Elder Islas had to do a baptismal interview, so i went with Elder Knight in my area. So i was the senior companion! I was pretty nervous at first, because both of us aren't too great in Spanish yet (he only has one more cambio than i do), but we went to visit A, the kid who we are teaching. And it was amazing how comfortable i felt doing  all the talking and teaching! I was so nervous when we got there but everything came so much easier than i expected and we were able to have a really powerful lesson. It was incredible to me to feel the spirit work through me to testify the truth to him. Now we have a fecha meta for his baptism for the 19th. So we're going to see him a lot this week and next to make sure everything works out! 

Being a missionary has helped me realize how important the gospel is to me. It seems like every time i am able to testify or bear my testimony to someone, i realize just how much it means to me to have a testimony. And i have been able to understand the principle of faith so much more. With A on Saturday we talked about Alma 32  because he is struggling with the concept of Faith, and why we need to believe in God. But it says how to have faith you don't need to have a perfect knowledge, but rather it is a hope for things that we can't see, and how that little by little our faith will grow into a knowledge. My faith in the gospel and in the Savior have grown so much in these past few months and it is such a blessing to be able to testify to people that I believe that the gospel is true, and that Christ is our savior. It brings a kind of happiness and peace that only comes through the gospel.

Also congratulations Mark and Stevie on the baby! She's way cute! Crazy to think she'll already be walking and talking by the time i meet her. Umm, i also forgot to congratulate Caden last week for his championship in soccer, glad you could learn from the best:) and Grant too on his cross country meet! That is something you did NOT learn from me, i can't remember the last time i was actually in shape. haha, also that's way cool that Elder Christofferson was able to come talk to you guys. I'm sure the spirit was super strong and what a blessing it is to be able to listen to apostles in person, i am SUPER stoked to have Elder Holland talk to us in a few weeks. 

Well, I am beyond excited to talk to you guys this week, it's great to hear that everything is going well with everyone. i love you all and miss you!!

Elder Bird

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