Friday, July 18, 2014

Temple Time

Hey guys!!

Well, i don't have much time to write to you guys today because i'm going to Monterrey!!! Woohoo! we are leaving in a few hours and Elder Diarte is going to take me and Elder Ashby and Elder Lopez, and we are going to drop off his grandkids at the airport and then stay at the hotel overnight. And then in the morning i'm going to be the guide of the Hno. Jose to get his endowments, and then their family is getting sealed at 12:00 tomorrow. So i'm SUPER excited and i'll send you guys lots of pictures. 

And other good news of the week is that the Hno. Ruiz got baptized on Sunday! And it was so cool, you guys should have seen his face when he came out of the water, i have never seen anyone have a bigger smile on their face after their baptism. It was a really really cool baptism. I'll send you guys the picture of the baptism.

But sorry this is a lame letter, but next week's will be better! It's 98% sure that i will be leaving the offices, but the president still isn't completely sure, but either way i will let you guys know on Monday, because my p-days will start to be on Mondays again, but i hope you guys have a great week and i love you all!

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