Thursday, June 19, 2014

One More Month in the Office then Back to Full Time Proselyting

Well this week was the week of transfers here in the mission, which means i slept probably about 20 hours this entire week. So i'm a LITTLE tired. But president told me this will be my last change here in the offices which means no more transfer weeks for me here in the offices! Which is good because the next transfer, 10 missionaries go home and 11 missionaries get here so it's going to be crazyyyy! President told me to start thinking in a replacement but i really have no one in mind! So i gotta start looking into who is going to take my place here in the offices. I'm pretty excited to be able to go out into the field again, I think Taylor can atest to the fact that being secretary is A LOT of work and i'm ready to just be able to focus on my area again! And not have to receive 87 phone calls a day... 

This Wednesday Elder Rosa went home, and we went to the airport to drop him off and it always feels really weird to see someone go home, especially someone I know really well. Can you guys believe that will be me in less than 7 months?! But it was cracking me up all of the stuff he took home, he brought tamales, mexican soda, dulces, and over 80 pounds of other random little memories. Haha but it was a pain packing it all because we had to cover everything up in bubble wrap and then cover it in tape. So we didn't finish packing his stuff until almost 1 in the morning, and then we had to wake up at 4:30 to get to the airport by 5:45.

Well the familia De La Cruz went to church again this sunday but the sister had a pretty bad diabetes attack at the end of the sunday school, which was kinda scary, so we had everyone get out to give her some space and then we gave her a blessing. Luckily though there is a doctor in our ward who was able to help her out, and so we got her to the car and her husband drove them home, but then about an hour later they called us again to tell us that the hermano de la cruz had been fixing the car and that something broke and gasoline fell all over his face and into his ears and his skin was burning really really bad. So talk about opposition?! But after a few days of recovering we were able to go with them again last night and luckily they are both doing better, and the family still says they're ready for their baptism in 2 weeks. We also had an awesome lesson with the familiy Muñoz Rodriguez yesterday, and we taught them more in depth about the book of mormon and they were SUPER interested! And they said they are coming to church on Sunday, but on Monday the hermana has an appointment in monterrey to see if her cancer is completely gone, and if it's not she is going to have to start chemotherapy treatment again:/ so we are going to fast for her tomorrow and pray for the best. 

Well today was super crazy because mexico played in the world cup, and the entire city basically just shut down to watch it. The mall/plaza here by the offices converted into a giant arena basically and they had big screens up everywhere with the game on and there were thousands of people in the streets and inside watching the game. And it was soooo cool when they scored the goal because everyone just went crazy! Haha, we were in the offices and we heard them so we went to see what was going on. I was going to take pictures but i forgot my camera,but i'll take some on Tuesday when they play Brazil because i'm assuming that will be even crazier.

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