Monday, April 29, 2013

Incredible Week :)

Hola Familia!

So this week has honestly been an incredible testimony builder to me. So as I mentioned last week we have been working with M, and we visited her 3 or 4 time this week to prepare her for baptism.  Yesterday we were able to baptize her! My first convert! And she chose me to baptize her, which was sooo cool! I was really nervous i would mess up the prayer but luckily I didn't, and i got her name right too! haha, but the whole process and her progress have truly been incredible.  It was truly incredible to me to see the spirit work through us to be able to change her heart, and I know that God prepared her for us to find to bring into the gospel. We also were able to baptize D, who is the daughter of a less active sister in the ward. So that was really cool experience. I willl send you guys the pictures:)

So apart from that, this week we have continued working with A, and we feel like he could be ready pretty soon as well. So we're really excited! We also have been working with another family this week who we're pretty excited about too.  Hopefully we will be able to continue working with them. 

Today is the end of my first cambio here in Mexico, it's crazy how fast the time has gone by. More than likely I will still be with Elder Islas in this area because I am still being trained, but we will find out for sure tonight when the leaders call us. Elder Hernandez went back to his area after the zone meeting on Tuesday so we have been back to just a companionship this week, which has been kinda nice to just be able to work in our area. 

Strangely enough, it's actually been pretty cold this week! We've had to wear our sweaters a few days and it has rained a few days too which we DESPERATELY needed because it is drier than dry here.  

So looking back at when I first got to Mexico, I can say that my Spanish has definitely improved. Thank goodness. Haha, I think I told you guys already but i carry around a little notepad with me and everytime i hear a word i don't know or see something i don't know how to say, i write it down. And i counted last night and there is over 450 words already! Haha, it's crazy to realize how little I really know. But that little notebook has helped me SOOOO much and I have had many people tell me how impressed they are with how fast my Spanish has progressed. But really, I'm still horrible at it. Haha, but i'm motivated to get better (so I can talk to Dad in Spanish in a few weeks:) 

Thank you guys for all the support and emails! 

Elder Bird

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